Choices..when does it become ok to sue for our own choices??

It seems almost daily I am reading about someone suing someone or something over what they believe as a personal wrong doing against them.  Today I read about 2 different suing scenarios and it made me angry!!  What makes these people think that everything YOU CHOOSE should accommodate your beliefs?  Here are my thoughts on this subject and while some may not agree, you can EASILY CHOOSE not to read them!!

First, parents of a New Jersey school aged child are suing the school because of the Pledge of Allegiance and the words specifically “Under God” because they are atheists.  The school does not require a child to recite it.  Second…the parents of a high school aged child in New York are suing the school because their son was sent home to change after wearing a shirt with a picture of a fire arm on it which is against the rules.  He then chose to come to school in a NRA (National Rifle Association) sweatshirt also depicting a picture of a fire arm and was suspended. 

Here’s a news flash for you…IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT OR DON’T WISH TO FOLLOW THE RULES, LEAVE!!!  There is always another choice.  What are you proving suing the school when you enrolled your children there KNOWING the rules.  What makes you so special that the whole state of New Jersey as well as New York should change what has been in place because you don’t like it?  Choose something else.

I detest Seafood….I don’t like the smell, taste or sight of it.  Am I going to sue my grocery store because they sell it laying there dead or crawling around alive waiting to be boiled???  No, I choose to not buy it and avoid that section or I will visit a whole foods store where it is not sold. 

I wanted something specific for my children and while I am forced to pay my school taxes, this does not benefit my children as they attend a private Catholic school.  Should I sue my town because I chose to send my kids to a private school and they want my tax dollars regardless?  Should I sue my school because they won’t allow my daughter to wear navy blue socks as the colors are green, white or gray as stated in the rulebook?  What is the difference? 

Do these people not have rules they expect to be followed in their homes? Do they not have rules at work or in their private businesses?  Do they agree with everyone they meet?  Do they expect everyone should do what they think is right?  Are there no other choices in the world for them to choose rather than give in to what they don’t believe?  Or is it they think everyone needs to follow their rules?  That is the question in my mind!!

I would love to hear others’ thoughts on this.

I am not sorry…

It seems I am always apologizing when we go out with friends for being the first to say it’s time for us to leave.  I may seem like the “downer” in the group as I don’t drink like I used to, want to stay out much past a wonderful dinner and after dinner drink and I turn down many invitations to join great friends for a night out.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy it as I truly do.  I love getting out with our different groups of friends for a dinner at a new restaurant and socializing.  But after a great conversation over a nice dinner and drink, I am ready to head home.  So out come the words “sorry guys we have to get going”.  My friends are used to this from me now and sometimes they will try and convince me to stay for one more drink.  But most know it’s a waste of their time. .

Last night after dinner at a new restaurant in Buffalo and heading upstairs to the “hip” bar simulating a bar in the arctic carved out of ice, I was trying to figure out why I was counting down the time in my head to go home.  I enjoyed being there with my friends and had a great couple of hours over dinner and drinks.  But it hit me….I like my friends, even love some…but I love my home life more!!  I like being there to tuck my kids into bed.  I like knowing they find comfort in knowing their mom and dad are home and they are safe and sound.   I like knowing my barn is secure and all of our animals are fed and set for the night.  I like feeling fresh and not over tired the next day after a few hours out so I can enjoy what ever the day brings.

So after a brief stay in the arctic setting I decided I am not sorry and I will not apologize anymore when I feel I want to leave.  I very nicely leaned into the group of our friends and said…time’s up for me.  I’m ready to go home talk to you all soon!!