Beautiful Sunset



Photo Courtesy of my neighbor, Liane

This year we have seen some of the most amazing skies.  Never have I been so in awe of the beauty above us.  This picture was taken on our local thruway over Tonawanda, NY.  The colors were spectacular!!


Antique find art


At the antique shop we visited the other day (read about it here), the tween found this shell box.  It was only $5.00 she explained and was full of tiny shells she just KNEW she needed.  My first thought was…HOARDER.  Ok, I’m sorry but she is.  She just LOVES junk and junk which has lots of extra pieces is even more appealing.  But it is her allowance (they feed the animals in the afternoons while I am at work and clean stalls) and I let her spend it.


Shell box and $1.00 glass pieces

Well to my surprise, she really did NEED that junk.  When I came home from work yesterday she asked me about a shadow box I had purchased that was too small and we never returned it.  I gave it to her along with some glue and this is what she created:



M is for Meghan one of her best friends

She took the shells and complemented them with some pretty glass rocks from our local dollar store.  She then decorated the frame.  She used every little shell in that box.


It is all drying today and she will save it to give to her friend as a Christmas present.

Hmmm….maybe she isn’t just a hoarder after all 🙂

The Tin Girl


My two newest antique tins

I am the “tin girl”.  I do have a heart, but I will never have enough antique tins.  Not just any tins, they have to be ones that call to me.  They catch my eye and whisper softly “I have a history….if only I could share”.  So the lucky select ones that I know came from some place special in their past get to come home with me.

I found these two last night at an antique store near the place my daughter has her voice lessons.  I took my mother, son and his friend along as they all wanted to visit this shop.  We spent and hour there, went and picked up my daughter from voice and returned to spend another hour browsing.  I love that my kids can appreciate antiques and love to look at the old items and ask questions or read about them.  We all left with a little something.

These two tins will now find a resting place in my home.  Here are a few more from my collections which are scattered throughout our home.


my new talcum powder rests next to one I already had in our bathroom medicine cabinet


These are both denture powder tins and the little jar on top is violet oil


bath salts, little souvain pain killer tin, face powder, antiseptic all adorn this shelf


Necco tin, creamette pasta, Hershey’s candy, boric acid, toffee candy phone booth, old Buffalo Sabres hockey beer bottle


these little 3 are all antique tins from throat lozenges


These 3 are tobacco, pastilles, old playing cards

Happy Flowers

photo 5-2

I always try to plant a few sunflowers around my garden.  There are a few types of flowers that remind me of “happy” flowers.  Sunflowers, Cone Flowers, Black Eyed Susan’s and Daisies just look so happy and I love to look at them.

photo 3-3 photo 4-3 photo 1-2

Friend or Foe??

Queen Anne’s Lace is a weed….or is it?  If you do not know what it is, read about it here.  It is considered a wild carrot.  I personally have never eaten one but it is considered a wild food source.

queen 1

This is after 24 hours in the dye. It’s actually a light pink, darker purple, and blue hue


when picked it’s this pretty white color

We have quite a bit of this around our area and by quite a bit I mean it’s everywhere.  If you are a gardener and this weed is in your garden, it is quite a chore to get rid of it.  I never looked at it as a problem plant (like my Japanese Lanterns that I wish I had never planted) because it is pretty when it’s growing.

A fellow blogger who has a wonderfully talented way of sharing things and a very interesting blog you can find here: (Cynthia Reyes) recently shared a very funny quip of this fine weed.  Read it here.  This reminded me of something my sister had done with her children and taught my children.  If you snip this pretty flower and place it in a cup with water and food coloring, the plant will drink the dye and the top of the flower will take on a pale shade of the food coloring. After 2 days you spray the top of the flower with hair spray to keep it from shedding out its pretty lace and display it in a vase for a few days.  Cheap and very pretty table decoration.

I decided to show a quick breakdown of how to do this for anyone else who has this weed, flower, free table centerpiece growing in their yards or gardens.  Unfortunately I only had a little of the regular food coloring which works the best.  I used gel color which is great for frostings but not as good for flower dying!!  Give it a try with your kids or for your next flower arrangement!!

queen5 queen3 queen2 queen 1

Natural Beauty


The clouds were amazing on the boat this morning.  My daughter and her friend (6th graders) just took their final exam in science yesterday.  They informed me these are sirus clouds.  No matter what they are, they are the most amazing thing to look at.

While sitting there drifting and staring at the clouds a prizm appeared.  I could not help but think to myself I was born to be outside.  I love everything about the outdoors and no matter how I feel, nature has a way of amazing me and humbling me.  I only wish more people could enjoy the actual beauty of our world and appreciate all it provides. My nephew is home from Fort Drum for the weekend and my daughter brought a school friend along for the ride.  It was a perfect afternoon.

I hope you will enjoy these pictures as much as I did taking them!!



Garbage Find


I love old windows!!  I know weird right????  But I can’t help it.  Look at that window…there’s a history behind it and I only wish it could talk and tell me it’s tale and all it’s seen.  (I know it’s hung upside down but I like it that way)!!

This window was in the garbage down the street.  My heart almost skipped a beat when I saw it and I jammed on my breaks so hard I almost flew threw the windshield.  WHAT???? WHO WOULD THROW THIS OUT!!!!  It was calling me to take it and now I get to look at it everyday proudly displayed on our garage!!  The pots and pans were free at a garage sale last summer.  I had plants in them (see here) but decided to spray paint them to add another dimension to the wall.

Waste not want not and I love my new display!!