I need this sign


We are adding to our little chicken clutch tomorrow.  These cute little ladies will be coming home with me


How could I not when they need a new home?????  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!!

Now it’s up to the kids to name them 🙂



Look what we have here!!

photo 3-4

Meet the newest members to the ranch.  I don’t know what it is when someone says “hey Tina, we are getting a few more chickens, want any?”  Something happens before my brain even thinks and it says yes, yes, you need those chickens.  And this is what you get!!

These cuties are Pablo (the little black one), Sid (the yellow one) and Road Runner (the big one in back).  The kids named them before we even had them out of the box.

photo 2-5 photo 1-5

The two little ones are bantam chickens (small chickens in size) and the larger one will be a medium sized hen.  Hopefully they are all egg layers and earn their keep!!

Either way, they are adorable and hopefully our chickens will welcome them shortly and show them the ropes around the ranch!!

It’s an “Egg”stravaganza

Image Image

Oh the fun my kids get to have when it comes to coloring eggs for Easter.  We have ducks, bantam chickens and regular hens.  Our egg collection is vast with light brown eggs, white eggs and even light blue duck eggs.  It’s such a fun hobby for the kids to collect those eggs everyday.  It is even more fun during Easter as they can decorate the small eggs, large eggs, and extra large duck eggs.

Yesterday they collected their eggs and last night they had the joy of coloring some.  I thought I would share some pictures of the farm and where our eggs come from!!

These are our mallards.  I try to get a few every year as the kids enjoy raising them until they are old enough to fly off.  The whole neighborhood celebrates as the ducks take their first flights around the yard, then circling above the houses making larger circles every time and eventually flying off.  In the spring a we will head back to our ice skating pond and there some of our previous ducks will be enjoying their old stomping grounds.  These will probably not fly off for another few weeks so the kids are enjoying them while they can.




I’m sexy and I know it

These are our larger hens with our only rooster “Flash” who is a bantam size.  He was born and raised with us and thinks he is a dog!! He loves to sit on our feeder looking in the back window.

Image Image

And our banties


Here are the eggs collected, cleaned and colored

duck eggs eggs2 eggs5