Potatoes (Container Gardening)

Container gardening is becoming more popular especially for people who do not have large areas for gardens.  This year I planted potatoes in containers as well as lettuce, peppers, and carrots.

photo 4

We planted red potatoes, fingerlings (smaller size potato) and russet (medium to larger size great for baking).

We harvested the containers last night.  We had about 22 lbs of wonderful potatoes.  That sounds like a good harvest but usually when we plant in the ground we will harvest about 30+ pounds.   Either way, the potatoes look great and are now washed, layered in newspaper in a basket and stored in the cool basement.

photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

Here is our potato project from May 9, 2014 through Sept. 9, 2014

potatoes 5-9potatoes

potatoesphoto 5

Peppers (Container Gardening)


The sun gently nourishing the leaves of my pepper plant in the container. 

This picture was taken this morning, 9/4/14.  While I have 3 pots with pepper plants, each pot is only producing one pepper on the plant.  Hopefully they will get a little larger and then they will be cut into strips and frozen to use later in the year!!

This is the first time I have used containers for my pepper plants and I can’t say it was a success with only 3 peppers.  I may have to work on the soil to try it again next year as my grandmother used pots for her peppers also and she has triple the amount on each plant that I have.

small pepper

This was one of the peppers on August 15, 2014


And here is the same pepper today, September 4, 2014

Potato Gardening in containers update


My potatoes have been planted since May 9th in the containers (first time trying this).  These look small in the pictures but these containers are pretty large and now so heavy I can not move them anymore.  You can see they are filled to the top with soil and the pretty potato plants are healthy and strong.  Buried in that soil are hopefully about 25 lbs or more of Russet potatoes and New Red potatoes.  If the plants are any indication of how they are doing, you can see I should have a good yield!!

You start with a few seed potatoes and cover the vines with soil until you reach the top.  The pictures of how I started my containers as well as some updates are below:

Potato containers (first planted here) After a few weeks and having to add dirt to bury the vines as they grow (here)

I also planted carrots in containers and they are looking great.  I mixed gardening soil with sand in the containers and punched holes so the soil would drain as it would in the ground.  I have about 2 more weeks and I will begin harvesting them.

Carrots in containers (here)

It’s Official


I have become a bag lady in my attempts to keep the mice and birds out of my garden!!!!

My garden was/is coming along nicely even though I lost a LOT of leaves of my plants to the mice.  My sunflowers were growing in nicely also around the edge and I have been watching the birds dive and grab the fresh tender plant that is starting.  So I am fighting back!!  I have never had a problem with mice in the past.  I was planting some new plants the other day and one ran right out and grabbed a bite of a bean plant!!  BAD!!!

You can see my garden started by seeds here

Here are some of the recent pictures.  You will see from the beginning of the container potatoes until these pictures from yesterday how quickly they have grown and filled up a 2 foot by 3 foot pot.  I am hoping for a good haul of potatoes trying this for the first time.


container potatoes


pickle cucumbers, white & red onions, butternut squash


Indian Corn


Pumpkin, celery, peppers

The corn, zucchini, tomatoes, peas, beans, strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries are all coming along also.

So far so good with the bags, windmills, and scarecrow.


Carrots (Container Gardening)


Before I left for work this morning I ran to check on some of the new container gardens I have going.  These are my carrots.  They are about 3 weeks old now and you can see they are growing nicely. There are lots of new little growths started in there also but my photography was not great.  I have 2 of these containers and the other one is doing as well as this one.

I love to grow our own carrots but our land is filled with clay.  It’s difficult to get deep enough even with the tiller to get a nice long shaped carrot.  I am using these containers which are actually coolers as they are deep.  I mixed potting soil with sand so the carrots can grow as deep as the container if they need to.  Hoping this works!!

My potatoes are doing very well also.  Will take pictures of all the containers soon.