Sunday Blessings


I dislike when the days are not my own.  Today we have a baby shower and then we are babysitting an almost 2 year old and then the tween has a pool party birthday party from 7 until 10 p.m. which means a lot of busy time today and none of it is my own time. 

Working parents have 2 days off a week to get things done.  Living on a farm those two days involve keeping up with things around the home but it’s work you love to do if you live the lifestyle.  While I appreciate the “tradition” of showers, be it wedding or baby, I dread losing “me” time to attend them.  That does not mean I do not like or love the people they are for as I do.  But I love my “homelife” more so it’s a chore for me to give up some of that time.

My daughter is invited to the shower today too and she got up early and started this breakfast for us as she knew it would lift my spirits and help with getting things done while I did the morning feeding of the animals!!   She is my Sunday blessing!!



Our pancake recipe:

1 1/2 cups flour

3 teaspoons baking powder

1/2 teaspoon baking soda

1 1/4 cups milk

2 eggs

3 Tablespoons of butter melted

Put all in a bowl and mix until smooth

Cook in the griddle until bubbling and flip.





Tomorrow is a transition as our daughter enters the last year of her “tweens” turning 12.  I hope we always have the loving relationship we do now through the upcoming teen years.

Chase is a blessing and I could not be more proud of who she is becoming in this world.  She had a bit of a rough start arriving 5 weeks early and she has not stopped pushing forward in life since.  She is just like her momma doing things her own way 🙂


Chase 7 days old


last day of being 11

The Lemon does not fall far from the tree…


This was my daughter after school today.  She came in, changed out of her uniform and decided she needed fresh lemonade and was bound and determined to have it.  Good thing I bought 6 more lemons today!!  She, like her mother, just loves the sunny happy lemon!!  (And the black dog laying in the bay window with her blanket hanging down just loves the sun)