Dashing Through the Snow….


It’s our “Wrinkles”deer

Well this was fun tonight trying to get our dog to keep this headband on.  But a few yummy treats soon had her sitting pretty for a picture!!

Wrinkles is our crazy rescue dog (you can read about her here).  And while she is truly crazy most times, she is coming around and proving to be a great farm dog!!

Heavy Heart


The time has come and if you are an animal lover you know this time is inevitable.  Regardless, it tears you apart inside and tests your strength.  Tomorrow we will say goodbye to our beloved Riley.  We have had 14 1/2 years of love and devotion with him and it’s time to let him go with dignity and no suffering.  It’s times like these that make me realize I am not as strong as I think I am.  But for all he’s given to us, I will give him all that I have so he’s at peace and not afraid.  We have a wonderful service here called Laps of Love and they will come right to the house so he can be comfortable in his own home surrounded by our love. 

Rescue Dog


Wrinkles is ready for the floods the rain keeps bringing

When I saw things were starting to change in our older dog and how it was upsetting the kids, I decided it would be an easier transition when the time comes if they had another dog to continue to love.  So along came “Wrinkles”. 

Wrinkles is a rescue dog from Black Dog Second Chance rescue.  It’s a fact that black dogs are not as quickly adopted as other colored dogs.  We adopted “Wrinks” when she was 15 weeks old.  She was pretty quickly house trained which was a treat. She attends doggie daycare once a week on Mondays and has for the 2 years we’ve had her.  We were told she was most likely a border collie/black lab mix but it was quickly apparent she is a black lab/pitbull mix.  I was concerned about it at first as we live on a farm with lots of animals.  It was a rough year and a half with her constantly attacking our smaller animals but a vibration collar helped alleviate the problem.  For some reason she is very slow to warm up to any strangers but I can deal with that.

She still has her crazy quirks like any other dog (like always being up on the outside table!!) but she is a faithful companion and protector to the kids and our home and our older dog Riley has shown her the ropes around the farm and she is respectful and obedient to him.  All in all I am glad we went the rescue route and our kids have their dogs as companions!!


Riley teaching Wrinks to monitor the new pasture


Wrinkles first day here


surveying the pond with the kids


Nothing to see here


Puppy Love


A Dog’s Love


Our Riley….

Change is inevitable.  While I am a person who thrives on change, this type of change hurts and brings with it the fear of the unknown and dread.

The past few days the matriarch of our family is starting to show signs that he is not going to be with us forever.  He is 14 1/2 and we have had him since he was about 9 weeks old.  Our children know no other life than that with their dog Riley.  Riley has been the most wonderful farm dog you could ask for.  He is a faithful companion, loving friend and fixture in every aspect of our lives.


Riley showing the new puppy the ropes around the farm


Meeting the newest member of our family in 2012


Warming his bones while waiting for Santa

It’s hard to explain what a dog brings to your life especially one that was perfect from the start and never brought anything but joy and companionship.

I am hoping he perks up and things settle down in his tummy over the next few days but reality is staring me down and I need to be strong for my children.  And while I know it’s the circle of life, I am not ready for the 2 ends of that circle to meet.  I can only hope for a little more time.