Antique find art


At the antique shop we visited the other day (read about it here), the tween found this shell box.  It was only $5.00 she explained and was full of tiny shells she just KNEW she needed.  My first thought was…HOARDER.  Ok, I’m sorry but she is.  She just LOVES junk and junk which has lots of extra pieces is even more appealing.  But it is her allowance (they feed the animals in the afternoons while I am at work and clean stalls) and I let her spend it.


Shell box and $1.00 glass pieces

Well to my surprise, she really did NEED that junk.  When I came home from work yesterday she asked me about a shadow box I had purchased that was too small and we never returned it.  I gave it to her along with some glue and this is what she created:



M is for Meghan one of her best friends

She took the shells and complemented them with some pretty glass rocks from our local dollar store.  She then decorated the frame.  She used every little shell in that box.


It is all drying today and she will save it to give to her friend as a Christmas present.

Hmmm….maybe she isn’t just a hoarder after all 🙂

Funny and so typical

For your humor today I thought I would share what the man of our house bought me as a gift for my birthday yesterday.  Mind you we have been together since 1997 and have 2 beautiful children.  Over the years, I have learned to adjust to the Mothers day card that says Happy Birthday crossed out as it was a grab and go mistake, or the size XL bought online for a Christmas gift but in a childs XL not adult, and even the wonderful gift of a cluster ring bought on a late night TV jewelry show as he thought it was pretty and it would be if I was in my 90’s.  But yesterdays gift really took the cake.

  Image Image

First off, I do love a good hand lotion and have used the hand lotion above in the past.  And while I work like a man most of the time on our farm, I am not a man so the Ultimate Man Body Scrub Soap and Lotion really don’t interest me.

Ah well there’s always next year 🙂