Lady Godiva (today in history)


Legend has it July 10, 1040, Lady Godiva rode horseback through the streets naked in protest of her husbands wishes to raise taxes on their town.

It’s a very fascinating story I think especially of the will of the wife to prove her compassion for others and give up something considered such a sin to her religion which was nudity.  I wonder if she thought to herself “I will show him” as she rode that day.

You can read the entire history about it here as it also explains how the term “peeping tom” came into play in our history.

Cloud Clash over Fort Erie


You may be getting tired of all my cloud pictures but this has been such a stormy spring and the clouds are AMAZING!!  Tonight coming out of the ice rink in Fort Erie this was the sky above us.  The air was warm and humid and almost “thick” feeling but it was this beautiful picture above my head that took my breath away!!