Kitchen Tips

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I recently posted two tips I use to keep our busy lives rolling.  The first tip was to let family members (children/husband) choose a meal for the week.  This is a HUGE load off my plate every week in our house with each child picking a meal and the man choosing one as well.  We usually order out or go out to eat once a week so I am left with only planning 3 dinners a week.  That’s awesome in my world as I have enough to plan daily.

The second was to try and think ahead and make “multi-meal” plans.  You can see how I do it on my Facebook page here:  Kitchen Tips

Regrowing Scallions

I am asked quite often if it’s true putting a scallion in a bit of water that it will regrow.  I always do this during the winter as it’s an inexpensive way to have scallion greens throughout the winter when your garden is not producing.

Place the white ends in a cup of fresh water and change it every couple of days.  Chop what you need and in a few days it will sprout again and grow.

These 2 scallions were first used in mid December.  I have since been using just these two when I need scallion greens.


You can see where I have chopped them and the new growth.  This was 4 days after I used them.


This picture is 11 days later.  They are almost full grown.  The one laying down I was using tonight and started to chop it but decided to put it back in for the picture.

Give it a try for fresh scallions all winter 🙂

Freezing Pies


When fruits are in season, it’s always good to make a few pies to freeze.  They make great gifts for housewarming, babies, get well, Holidays and just as a treat in the cold winter months.

Tonight we processed the last of our apples from our trees and made a few more apple pies to freeze.   I always pick up a few packs of the tin pie dishes.  You can get 8.5, 9, or 10 inch and if lucky I can sometimes find a deep dish tin.  These are the best to use for freezing your pies so you don’t have to use your glass dishes.  Before freezing I like to wrap them tightly in cling wrap.  I will then freeze them individually.   Once frozen, I place them on top of each other in a large freezer bag.

Our freezer is now stocked with 6 apple, 6 cherry, and 4 blueberry pies.  You can pick up cute pie boxes at your local craft store and decorate with ribbon for a nice gift.  Sometimes I will bake the pie before I give them away and other times I leave it frozen with directions how to bake on the inside of the box.  You bake them exactly as you would a store bought pie (30-35 minutes at 375 covering the crust after 15 minutes).

Here’s the last pie pictures we made for the season.  This one will be for 4th of July 2015.  The tween decorated it with our last name initial.

You can find my apple pie recipe here:  Apple Pie

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Orange Juice Ice Cubes

Orange juice is not just for breakfast!!

photo 2-5

pork roast

Pork Tenderloin prepared with OJ

I LOVE to cook pork with it.  It really brings out flavor in pork loins, tenderloins, or chops. Recipe for tenderloin here and pork chops here.  When frozen you can just pop in 5 frozen OJ cubes.

It is fabulous in smoothies adding the natural sweetness you need to offset some of the bitter greens you may put in there and aids in the digestion of them.  You can add the ice cubes in place of plain water cubes.

These are great in many drinks including Mimosas, punch, iced tea, green tea, seltzer, and tonic.  My kids like them right out of the bag and the minute one complains of a sore throat I hand them a cube!!

photo 5-1 photo 4-1 photo 3-2 photo 1-5

Whenever I have Orange Juice that is getting close to the expiration date I will fill up the ice cube trays and freeze it for future use!!