First 2014 Snow Storm


We have had our first blast of snow for the 2014 Winter season and it was/is a doozy.  It is still going on all around us.  It has stayed a little to the south of our little Island so we only have about 3 inches so far.  We are supposed to get more later tonight and into tomorrow morning.


It started coming down and picked up speed covering many areas all over Buffalo, NY.

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Plow crews from all over are dedicating their time to different towns and areas.  This is Lancaster, NY and the photo is courtesy of a Grand Island town employee who traveled the 25 minutes to help dig this area out.

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In other areas sadly people are snowed in (the man of the house’s parents are one of them).  They can’t get out their doors to even begin the shoveling process.  But they are much better off than the people who are dealing with the weight of the snow crashing through their windows and collapsing their roof.

Here is a link to more snow pictures:  Buffalo, NY snow

And while this is a huge nuisance, I can’t complain as we are toasty with our woodburner, stocked with animal feed for the farm, have a pantry filled with canned goods and a freezer jam packed with meats, frozen fruits, and homemade pies just in case we get hit like the other areas!

Another beautiful Fall walk


It was just starting to get dark when I took the dogs for their walk tonight.  The trees are beautiful welcoming you into our woods.


On the other side the horses are enjoying their last bit of pasture grass as it’s now starting to slow down on growth.


This beautiful orange yellow tree greets you as you  enter the woods


About 1/4 mile back you will cross the creek which is beginning to fill up now after being mainly dry for the past few months.  The bridge is covered in fallen leaves and makes a beautiful crunch sound while crossing


And the opening to the hard woods is where you end up next about 1/2 mile further.  The smell in this area draws me in and the beauty of the leaves is stunning even at dusk.  You can see a newly fallen dead tree has now changed the look of the entrance since I walked last


On another trail home this stark collection of birch trees watches you pass.  Their leaves are almost gone but even in the bareness, the white of their bark is something to behold


And you have come full circle after 45 minutes where the horses didn’t notice you were gone


But they will come to see you when you get close for a quick pat to their neck


And a good scratch on the tree

This is how I find my inner peace 🙂


Japanese Lanterns

photo 2-3photo 1-3

If you are a gardener and you do not have Japanese lanterns planted in your garden, think twice before adding them.  These plants produce beautiful green leaves and in time produce the most beautiful orange “lantern”.  However the roots are trailers and will take over any where you plant them.  I wish the person who had given me some had shared this tidbit with me as I planted them in my wildflower garden. 

The whole purpose of a wild flower garden was to plant all perennial plants so I did not have to weed and would only thin plants out as needed.  I weed the new Japanese lantern plants more than any other weeding in my yard.  I have tried digging them out.  I have tried spraying the new plants with weed killer.  We have even tilled the entire garden down to the clay base and restarted but these things must be in the clay and all the way through the earth to the other side as they always come back.

So while I do enjoy harvesting that beautiful stem with the lanterns, bunching and displaying them all over in vases with some other fall flowers, I do not enjoy having to weed them continuously.  Heed my warning if you dare to plant these 🙂

Is it summer???


Well this weekend was a bust with weather.  Last weekend was also.  Rain, cloudy, extreme heat and tonight it’s 57 degrees and freezing!!!  The high temperatures for the next week are only in the mid 70’s so the pool is cooling down quickly.  I will not complain though as my gardens are all in bloom and I am not having to spend a good amount of time watering.

I picked this wild flower from the woods a few years ago and every year it blooms and is so beautiful.  I have no idea what it is.


No matter which way you look at my wildflower garden, it is a pretty sight!!



Potato Gardening in containers update


My potatoes have been planted since May 9th in the containers (first time trying this).  These look small in the pictures but these containers are pretty large and now so heavy I can not move them anymore.  You can see they are filled to the top with soil and the pretty potato plants are healthy and strong.  Buried in that soil are hopefully about 25 lbs or more of Russet potatoes and New Red potatoes.  If the plants are any indication of how they are doing, you can see I should have a good yield!!

You start with a few seed potatoes and cover the vines with soil until you reach the top.  The pictures of how I started my containers as well as some updates are below:

Potato containers (first planted here) After a few weeks and having to add dirt to bury the vines as they grow (here)

I also planted carrots in containers and they are looking great.  I mixed gardening soil with sand in the containers and punched holes so the soil would drain as it would in the ground.  I have about 2 more weeks and I will begin harvesting them.

Carrots in containers (here)

Fern…but no water


I love when the fern around the little garden pond are perfectly green and growing.  The wild grass and iris give it a tropical feel.  The only thing missing is the water which apparently drained out of the pond due to a rip in the liner.  This would not be such a big deal but we have to remove every rock from around the pond to replace it so it’s very time consuming.  But I love sitting on the deck hearing the water trickle and seeing the little tropical oasis, so a rock digging I will go.