Rainy Day Gardens


We have had so much rain this season.  It’s not even fun to be outside as the bugs are overwhelming in the early morning and from dusk until late evening.


The gardens cheer me up with their happy little flowers.  This wildflower garden is a bit wild as I can’t get in there to thin it out even when raining as the mosquitoes attack!  I love the pink, orange, purple and yellow all blending together.


Along the garage the red and white impatiens compliment the red and white of our old farmhouse.


The entry way to the house is dotted with color.  However, there is one dark black thing that doesn’t belong.  She insists on cutting through this garden and hits a plant here and there!


In the mini rose garden I truly believe Mary is praying for some dry weather.


And while so many flowers are starting to bloom or in full bloom, others are losing their luster and filling their little sleeves with seeds to fly away in the wind when they are done and start little plants for next spring.


Garden Whimsy

photo 1-5

I think a garden/landscaping looks homey and fun with a few whimsical items placed all around.

I should have posted these pictures when my gardens were in full bloom as I am now collecting these to store them away for the winter.

photo 2-5

I love these little wooden clogs I picked up at our church rummage sale for $2.00.  They add a festive flare to a door we rarely use.


And apparently the tween likes them also as she seems to have them on her feet quite often throughout the summer.

photo 2-8photo 2-9

This little boy and girl were a gift from my mother and her friend.  He welcomes all our visitors near our main door.  His cute sister sits proudly on her snail watching over the front of the house and the birds that visit the feeder near her.

photo 1-9

This crazy horse planter features pretty impatients and has a wagging tail that blows in the wind

photo 4-4

This knight is a happy guard by the front door to watch who enters his kingdom

photo 3-5

Just across the walkway on the other side of the front porch momma hen and her chicks feel safe with the knight so close by

photo 1-8 photo 5-3

The little strawberry pitcher is usually spilling forth a hanging vine but it has since died and the pitcher will now take it’s place nestled in the garage for the winter along with our sweet lamb and her mums!!



Happy Flowers

photo 5-2

I always try to plant a few sunflowers around my garden.  There are a few types of flowers that remind me of “happy” flowers.  Sunflowers, Cone Flowers, Black Eyed Susan’s and Daisies just look so happy and I love to look at them.

photo 3-3 photo 4-3 photo 1-2

Is it summer???


Well this weekend was a bust with weather.  Last weekend was also.  Rain, cloudy, extreme heat and tonight it’s 57 degrees and freezing!!!  The high temperatures for the next week are only in the mid 70’s so the pool is cooling down quickly.  I will not complain though as my gardens are all in bloom and I am not having to spend a good amount of time watering.

I picked this wild flower from the woods a few years ago and every year it blooms and is so beautiful.  I have no idea what it is.


No matter which way you look at my wildflower garden, it is a pretty sight!!



Wildflower Garden


My wildflower garden is in bloom finally!!!  I love checking everyday to see what new is blooming in there.  I let this garden grow crazy instead of keeping it in nice organized condition.  THIS IS VERY HARD FOR ME with my personality but the man of the house enjoys this crazy look so I try to appease him.  There are orange lillies in there but they are hard to see.  Pretty landscaping adds charm to a house I think.