Still Amazed


I find it funny after all this time I am still amazed when I collect the eggs from our hens.  I don’t know what it is about opening the coop door and finding that little bit of magic that must have taken place and there is a fresh egg.  I am thankful for our hens and I know they are happy roaming about freely, not caged, and they thank us with that beautiful egg.  That is how I explained it to our children.  And while it’s their job to collect the eggs, sometimes I can’t help but sneak out and feel the excitement of collecting that special bit of magic I know will be waiting.

Love this!!


This is something I printed, framed and hung in my daughters room as a daily reminder happiness is a choice and she is responsible for how she feels no matter what the world throws at her!!!  I also made one to hang in my sons room. 

Funny and so typical

For your humor today I thought I would share what the man of our house bought me as a gift for my birthday yesterday.  Mind you we have been together since 1997 and have 2 beautiful children.  Over the years, I have learned to adjust to the Mothers day card that says Happy Birthday crossed out as it was a grab and go mistake, or the size XL bought online for a Christmas gift but in a childs XL not adult, and even the wonderful gift of a cluster ring bought on a late night TV jewelry show as he thought it was pretty and it would be if I was in my 90’s.  But yesterdays gift really took the cake.

  Image Image

First off, I do love a good hand lotion and have used the hand lotion above in the past.  And while I work like a man most of the time on our farm, I am not a man so the Ultimate Man Body Scrub Soap and Lotion really don’t interest me.

Ah well there’s always next year 🙂

A Dog’s Love


Our Riley….

Change is inevitable.  While I am a person who thrives on change, this type of change hurts and brings with it the fear of the unknown and dread.

The past few days the matriarch of our family is starting to show signs that he is not going to be with us forever.  He is 14 1/2 and we have had him since he was about 9 weeks old.  Our children know no other life than that with their dog Riley.  Riley has been the most wonderful farm dog you could ask for.  He is a faithful companion, loving friend and fixture in every aspect of our lives.


Riley showing the new puppy the ropes around the farm


Meeting the newest member of our family in 2012


Warming his bones while waiting for Santa

It’s hard to explain what a dog brings to your life especially one that was perfect from the start and never brought anything but joy and companionship.

I am hoping he perks up and things settle down in his tummy over the next few days but reality is staring me down and I need to be strong for my children.  And while I know it’s the circle of life, I am not ready for the 2 ends of that circle to meet.  I can only hope for a little more time.