Trail Ride Celebration


Our neighbor turned the big 6-0 today and his wishes for his celebration were to take a group trail ride and have a cookout after.  So we all saddled up and took a little over and hour trail ride and grilled some wonderful food.  We came home early from our County Fair to celebrate with him.  A truly awesome day with 5 hours of fair fun and 4 hours of neighborhood fun!!  Happy Birthday to Eric!


Heading out


trying to take a picture of my friend behind me while riding no handed


That is the man of the house in the lead. Of course my horse decided to trot when she knew I had the reins down and was taking a picture..blurry!!


Neighbors Sue and Eric


Happy Birthday 🙂


Sunset Fishing and Friends


Chase at the end of our street (that is Canada in the distance)

The man of the house had to take a quick overnight trip out of town tonight for work leaving me to handle daughters voice lessons, dinner, homework, studying, and nightly animal chores/stall cleaning.  My neighbor stepped in and took the kids on their bikes to the end of our street so they could fish and hang out in the Niagara River.  This is a little over a mile from our ranch.


Chase and neighbor Parker


Parker helping bait Chase’s pole

These pictures are a reminder of what young friendship is all about and a reminder of how blessed we are to live where we live 🙂