August Blues

chance 2013

Not letting go

This is how I feel about back to school in response to the Daily Post, August Blues.

I love my children being home, not on a schedule, playing, being outside exploring, working on the farm, staying up late around the campfire or having a great night of family time swimming or boating.  We celebrate their last day of school. August blues hit me right after our local County Fair ends.  I start feeling the pit in my stomach and heart of another year coming to an end and the reminder of my children being another year older. 

As a child I enjoyed the summer.  I didn’t dislike school but I knew financially it was a burden with 4 children getting new clothes that were much needed, supplies, extra food for lunches, and the schedules of different start times, bus pick up times and returning home times.  It meant extra work with homework, less play time, and more stress.  The first few days of school were exciting times but it quickly fizzled.

Times are different with our 2 children but the familiar sadness of another summer come and gone is not.  There is also the fear of the world today and the worry of something bad happening while they are away from home.  I have found myself over the past few years counting the time between summer vacation and Christmas vacation when I know they can be relaxed, not scheduled and have their play/explore time outdoors at home with our family.

So knowing my children will be starting back to school in a week I try to pretend I am excited for them.  But inside I am feeling the pit and screaming…I’m not ready!!!  But there is only 114 days until their Christmas break 🙂