I have it!!


Hi, I’m Tina and I’m a nemophilist!

I can never get enough of walking in our woods.  There is something about the noise of crickets, birds, hawks, crunching leaves and cracking sticks that soothes the soul.

The smell of the earth, fragrant wild vines, wet leaves, and tree bark keeps your senses alive.

grace walk 2214 wrinks crossing 2214

It’s a new adventure every season and day walking our trails.  Every day nature changes herself with a recent broken tree limb on the trail, a tree that has shed it’s leaves, a woodpeckers that has pecked a new design in a hollowed out dead tree.

happy wrinks shack

The dogs happily prance around running at times from trail to trail on the scent of an animal.  On a neighboring trail a shack was put up overnight last winter.



On horseback you see things at a different level and there’s always time to snap a picture of changing leaves, favorite old trees and open meadows.


Happy dogs go racing by only to be stopped dead in their tracks by a friendly neighbor enjoying the trails on her horse.

dogshide trails

And there’s never a dull moment for human or animal.  There is nothing but the beauty of our world in all it’s splendor.


So while I now know the name of my addiction, I am happy to admit that I am a Nemophilist!!!

Preparing the Gardens


Chance getting another load of mulch

I like to use recycled newspapers for weed control in my garden.  It breaks down nicely and is easy to rip through to plant your plants in the soil.  My family has done this for generations.  There are always some who immediately say “well aren’t you poisoning yourself with the ink?”.  Years ago yes toxins were in printing ink. Now they are made with iron oxides and non toxic pigments.  Don’t believe me??  Do the research ( http://featuresblogs.chicagotribune.com/chicago_gardener/2007/07/using-newspaper.html )  This is a great article to read to further prove my point.
While spreading the newspaper we then drop mulch (free from our town as they are always looking for people to take the branches they mulch after winter).  The mulch is all different types of wood and helps keep the moisture in the garden.  This is my secret for weed control.  I would much rather sit on the deck having a fresh lemonade and watch my vegetables grow rather than spend hours weeding.  This is not to say some weeding is not needed but definitely not the all day project it would be without the newspaper.



It’s a 3 person job but worth it


Dad helping spread the mulch

Today is a beautiful day finally and now that the garden is covered we will let it sit for a day and tomorrow I will start the seed planting in the garden.  Eventually our started plants will be put in there as well.  Bring on the summer 🙂