Mom and Dad Trail Ride


After a nice cold winter there is still enough chill in the air to keep the bugs away for now.  This is the perfect weather to ride.  Today the man and I had the opportunity to ride together for the first time this season.

IMG_2217 41515

The horses were tacked up and we headed down the trail


Took a quick trail ride selfie


And everyone made it back to the barn to enjoy the rest of the evening


And in time for softball practice and to cook dinner 🙂

A True Country Wedding

photo 2

We had a true country wedding yesterday for the niece of the man of the house.  I know it sounds cliche’ but this is a couple who truly are perfect together.  Lacy looked stunning in her dress and her husband, Jess, was as handsome as could be.

They put this together at Lacy’s parents house in their barn.  It was like a scene out of a magazine and I would love to share some of the beautiful touches they had.

photo 2-1 photo 3-1

Introducing as a married couple for the first time.  The church was a small country church full of charm.  I wish I had taken a picture of the church to show you it was once a beautiful, small house of worship. Due to budget cuts it is only used now for weddings and funerals.

photo 1-1

After the reception we headed over to the man’s sister’s house and into the barn/tent reception area.  The couple in the picture is my beautiful step daughter and her boyfriend.

photo 5

This barn housed horses for the past 8 years.  The last horse just moved out 7 days ago.  But you would never have believe it was anything other than a reception hall!!

photo 4

Even the restrooms had a country touch.  The insides were beautifully done in cherry wood with lovely decorations all around.

photo 3 photo 2

Once inside the barn this was the first display to greet you.

photo 1 photo 5-1

Mr and Mrs. followed just behind with a welcoming sitting area.  The tic-tac-toe game was set up also with hay bales covered in fabric with decorative string inviting you to sit and have a quick game or ten I think I played with the boy!!

photo 4-1

Names and seating numbers were placed in decorative shutters directing guests to their tables.

photo 3-2

Just outside the back of the barn you were welcomed into a beautiful area for dining, drinks, and dancing.

photo 2-2

The centerpieces were stunning with the flowers and a cowbell for ringing and old jars.  Each table was dressed in china dishes that did not match.  They were dishes collected from family members and friends.  Each plate held a special connection to the bride and groom!!

photo 1-2

The cake and cupcake display was fabulous and when we were invited to try them each one we tried was more delicious than the one before.  There were many different flavors such as cookie dough, white cloud, lemonade, red rosies to name a few.

photo 1-3 photo 3-4

Grandma and the kids were excited to get the celebration underway. And the boy was busy keeping us all entertained with his card tricks.

photo 4-2 photo 3-3

Our beautiful family.

photo 4-3 photo 1-4

Proud grandparents and cousins

photo 4-4 photo 3-5

The tables were even prettier if that’s possible in the dark evening night.  They were all aglow

photo 1-5

And after a wonderful day and evening you were guided out the long driveway by candlelight lining the way to the road.

It could not have been a more special celebration for two very special people to start their lives together.  Congratulations to Lacy and Jess and many happy blessings for a love filled life.







Tomorrow is a transition as our daughter enters the last year of her “tweens” turning 12.  I hope we always have the loving relationship we do now through the upcoming teen years.

Chase is a blessing and I could not be more proud of who she is becoming in this world.  She had a bit of a rough start arriving 5 weeks early and she has not stopped pushing forward in life since.  She is just like her momma doing things her own way 🙂


Chase 7 days old


last day of being 11

Rescue Dog


Wrinkles is ready for the floods the rain keeps bringing

When I saw things were starting to change in our older dog and how it was upsetting the kids, I decided it would be an easier transition when the time comes if they had another dog to continue to love.  So along came “Wrinkles”. 

Wrinkles is a rescue dog from Black Dog Second Chance rescue.  It’s a fact that black dogs are not as quickly adopted as other colored dogs.  We adopted “Wrinks” when she was 15 weeks old.  She was pretty quickly house trained which was a treat. She attends doggie daycare once a week on Mondays and has for the 2 years we’ve had her.  We were told she was most likely a border collie/black lab mix but it was quickly apparent she is a black lab/pitbull mix.  I was concerned about it at first as we live on a farm with lots of animals.  It was a rough year and a half with her constantly attacking our smaller animals but a vibration collar helped alleviate the problem.  For some reason she is very slow to warm up to any strangers but I can deal with that.

She still has her crazy quirks like any other dog (like always being up on the outside table!!) but she is a faithful companion and protector to the kids and our home and our older dog Riley has shown her the ropes around the farm and she is respectful and obedient to him.  All in all I am glad we went the rescue route and our kids have their dogs as companions!!


Riley teaching Wrinks to monitor the new pasture


Wrinkles first day here


surveying the pond with the kids


Nothing to see here


Puppy Love


I am not sorry…

It seems I am always apologizing when we go out with friends for being the first to say it’s time for us to leave.  I may seem like the “downer” in the group as I don’t drink like I used to, want to stay out much past a wonderful dinner and after dinner drink and I turn down many invitations to join great friends for a night out.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy it as I truly do.  I love getting out with our different groups of friends for a dinner at a new restaurant and socializing.  But after a great conversation over a nice dinner and drink, I am ready to head home.  So out come the words “sorry guys we have to get going”.  My friends are used to this from me now and sometimes they will try and convince me to stay for one more drink.  But most know it’s a waste of their time. .

Last night after dinner at a new restaurant in Buffalo and heading upstairs to the “hip” bar simulating a bar in the arctic carved out of ice, I was trying to figure out why I was counting down the time in my head to go home.  I enjoyed being there with my friends and had a great couple of hours over dinner and drinks.  But it hit me….I like my friends, even love some…but I love my home life more!!  I like being there to tuck my kids into bed.  I like knowing they find comfort in knowing their mom and dad are home and they are safe and sound.   I like knowing my barn is secure and all of our animals are fed and set for the night.  I like feeling fresh and not over tired the next day after a few hours out so I can enjoy what ever the day brings.

So after a brief stay in the arctic setting I decided I am not sorry and I will not apologize anymore when I feel I want to leave.  I very nicely leaned into the group of our friends and said…time’s up for me.  I’m ready to go home talk to you all soon!!