I am having a hard time dealing with life today knowing a family is suffering the final days of their little 5 year old boy.  He’s their son, a twin, a big brother to his little sister, and big brother to their unborn child.  Watching the world go on in “normal” fashion is hard almost surreal.  How is everyone in this world going on while this family suffers.  He is a local child to our area and has a cancer similar to one that took the life of one of my friends 7 year old son.

I remember having this same feeling after my father passed away at the age of 61 from cancer.  I felt like my heart and soul were in a stalemate with life yet everyone was buzzing around like nothing had changed when everything I had known if my life had.  How do I step out the door into this world that has no clue of my loss and confusion on how you move forward and find joy in life again.  I had a 3 month old daughter at the time who would never know this great man who raised me. Every time I look at my son I think this child never felt his grandfathers arms hold him.  And yet, in time I found a way to move forward, heal, and find joy again. I was thankful for the 61 years he had and the time I had with him.

But how do you accept this when it’s your child, a twin child no less, and one you have only had 5 short years of loving?  For the rest of your life you will see that childs face in his brothers face and remember the differences they had.  How do you move forward?  How do you even breath after something so terrible is happening to you?  These parents are AMAZING and their Faith is inspirational!!

The strength these parents have is unbelievable.  My friend who lost her son 5 years ago is such an inspiration to me.  She still grieves everyday over his loss and the fact her daughter is now an only child.  She is so much stronger than I could ever be. Little Ben’s parents have such a strong faith, so much stronger than I could ever have.  I do not know them personally but feel like my world should be affected because they deserve that from the world!!

So today, please take a moment to let yourself feel for this family.  Send them strength in whatever way you practice whether it’s praying, crystals, energy, meditating, or whatever.  They could use it!!



Blue For Ben

Blue For Ben

This is a local boy/baby in our area of Buffalo, New York.  It is the most heartwrenching thing a parent must endure.  Please pray for this family and for their peace.  They are a family of faith.  A faith so strong, I am not sure I would ever be able to understand it or walk in it like they have.  Whatever your beliefs, please lift this family up.