Rescue Duck– last update

photo 1

Mrs. Waddles our rescued and rehabilitated duck has now “flown the coop”.

She was a baby mallard found in a road.  She was raised for a month by a family with 2 children who cared for her in their home and bath tub.  When it became apparent she needed more they asked us to take her on the ranch.  Because she spent the first 4 weeks of her life in a home as a pet being carried all over by a cute little girl and boy, she truly had no idea how to be a duck.

We set up an area connected to our chicken and goat pasture so she could go in and out with all of the other animals.  Each day she became a little less “tame”, preferred the animals over the people, learned to swim and enjoy water and puddles, learned to forage for her food and bugs and how to dig in the mud like a duck.  Slowly she started to fly.  She flew further and longer away every time and she has now left our home.

We will miss her but are happy she is living the free life a mallard should live 🙂

Here is the link to more pictures of her here:  Mrs. Waddles

Rescue Duck update


A few weeks ago we took in a duck that had somehow lost it’s way from it’s mother and was being raised by a family during summer vacation from school.  When school was starting and the duck was quite a bit bigger they realized they could no longer care for it and asked if we would take it.

Mrs. Waddles is a mallard duck.  She did not have the skills to survive on her own as the little girl who was “mothering” her treated her as you would a puppy.  It would not have been fair to try and let her go in the wild without the natural instincts she should have.  So we took her in as we have raised mallards on our ranch before.

duck2 duck4

Over the past 2 weeks we have been teaching her how to be a duck.  She has her own little pen which is attached to the chicken and goat pasture.  Every day we use the hose and make a little make shift “marsh” so she will learn how to forage for food, bugs and worms as she would in the wild.  She loves being squirted with the hose and she is flapping her wings which is what she should be doing to build strength to eventually fly.  See video on my Facebook page here

duck3 916

Next week we will take her back to our pond and let her swim and work further on her skills in a larger setting.  Hopefully before the middle of October she will be teaching herself how to fly and eventually will leave our home in search of her own kind.

You can see my original post and how much she’s grown here…A duck is a duck

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Adventures close to home

water buffalo

Water Buffalo

I know I say this quite often, but I am amazed at how close we live to wonderful places to experience.  Yesterday we visited the Hidden Valley Animal Adventure Park (see what it’s all about here).  This is about a 50 minute drive away from the Island.

We live on a farm, we have lots of animals and own 34+ acres of land.  Yet, my kids LOVE to visit other animal sanctuaries and open lands.  We were hand feeding water buffalo, antelope, bison, zebras, camels, goats, cows, yaks, donkeys and so many other animals.  I hope you enjoy some of the pictures from our adventure and take a minute to visit their website.  My kids are already asking when we can go again.

Link to pictures taken of our trip here


Rescue Dog


Wrinkles is ready for the floods the rain keeps bringing

When I saw things were starting to change in our older dog and how it was upsetting the kids, I decided it would be an easier transition when the time comes if they had another dog to continue to love.  So along came “Wrinkles”. 

Wrinkles is a rescue dog from Black Dog Second Chance rescue.  It’s a fact that black dogs are not as quickly adopted as other colored dogs.  We adopted “Wrinks” when she was 15 weeks old.  She was pretty quickly house trained which was a treat. She attends doggie daycare once a week on Mondays and has for the 2 years we’ve had her.  We were told she was most likely a border collie/black lab mix but it was quickly apparent she is a black lab/pitbull mix.  I was concerned about it at first as we live on a farm with lots of animals.  It was a rough year and a half with her constantly attacking our smaller animals but a vibration collar helped alleviate the problem.  For some reason she is very slow to warm up to any strangers but I can deal with that.

She still has her crazy quirks like any other dog (like always being up on the outside table!!) but she is a faithful companion and protector to the kids and our home and our older dog Riley has shown her the ropes around the farm and she is respectful and obedient to him.  All in all I am glad we went the rescue route and our kids have their dogs as companions!!


Riley teaching Wrinks to monitor the new pasture


Wrinkles first day here


surveying the pond with the kids


Nothing to see here


Puppy Love