Amazing Clouds

These were the clouds over the soccer field tonight.


I am amazed at the skies sometimes.  It almost appears to be a heart displaying itself.


In the second picture the clouds seem to be sinking, rolling in and enveloping the houses in the distance.  You could actually feel the cold air from them.

Take the time every day to look up into the sky.  It’s worth every second!

Beautiful Sky


Today was a very busy day mending a horse fence and re-doing the inside of the goat/chicken house for the winter and our growing chicken flock.  As the later part of the afternoon was setting in on a very overcast, windy day, it was a beautiful sight looking overhead at the big white puffy clouds highlighted by the bright sun trying to peek out!!

Fall in Buffalo, NY is beautiful this year 🙂



It’s majestic reflecting on the water with the pink hue.  This was the sunset from the boat tonight over Canada.  It was 87 degrees and humid.  Perfect night for a sunset swim and ride. 

Here is the progression of the sunset

photo 1-2photo-1 sunset tubephoto 3-2 photo 1-1  And two happy girls who were able to enjoy it on a summer night

Clouds, Canada and Niagara Falls


I have a friend in town who currently resides in Florida (he grew up on the Island) and he is visiting Niagara Falls today.  He took this stunning photo of the beautiful sky, mist and the falls from the American side.  Growing up 15 minutes away from this location, each time you visit Niagara Falls the beauty is still awe inspiring!!


Storm Clouds Tonight


Our house is located directly across from a very old abandoned radio station.  Tonight the storm clouds above it were amazing!!  The storm is blowing over with very little rain but some beautiful lightning.  The clouds were thick and heavy.  It was a catching sight to see!

Natural Beauty


The clouds were amazing on the boat this morning.  My daughter and her friend (6th graders) just took their final exam in science yesterday.  They informed me these are sirus clouds.  No matter what they are, they are the most amazing thing to look at.

While sitting there drifting and staring at the clouds a prizm appeared.  I could not help but think to myself I was born to be outside.  I love everything about the outdoors and no matter how I feel, nature has a way of amazing me and humbling me.  I only wish more people could enjoy the actual beauty of our world and appreciate all it provides. My nephew is home from Fort Drum for the weekend and my daughter brought a school friend along for the ride.  It was a perfect afternoon.

I hope you will enjoy these pictures as much as I did taking them!!