Farm Happenings


Blue and Oreo finally enjoying a sunny day

Spring on the farm is one of the busiest seasons.  It is the time for cleaning up the winter mess, prepping the gardens for planting, fixing up all of the animal pastures/enclosures that have weathered the winter snow and ice, starting all the seedlings in the greenhouse, spring hockey, jv soccer, varsity softball, work, meals, and trying to have a bit of fun inbetween.

Here are some of the things we have managed over the last week (not including meals which will come in a later post 🙂 :

If you have followed along with my Facebook Page…Chasenchanceranch, Disco foundered in January and has had a rough road over the last 2 months.  With aggressive treatments he is on the mend thankfully and even had his mane trimmed as he always has for riding and showing.  Even if he never makes it on the trails again, we are beyond grateful to have him comfortable and not in pain.

The baby chickens coop has been completely netted over the fencing and roof so there is never another hawk issue and they can be free and go in and out of their coop at will.  We have owned this property in my family since 1972 and have never had an animal lost to a hawk until this year.  It was a very hard life lesson for the kids to handle, but we are doing all we can to ensure the safety of all the animals!

The bunnies have a new run attached to their house so they can get some exercise and play during the day.  Meanwhile the “Chicken Brigade” travels the yard making sure to keep the bugs to a minimum!

Pops of color from the spring perennials are starting to liven up the grounds while some plantings are thriving in the portable greenhouse.  If you do not have primrose in your garden, I suggest you invest in some.  They are a very hardy spring plant and have beautiful green leaves during the summer when not in bloom.  They bloom in early fall as well and add great color.

Spring sports are underway.  The boy (in red) at his first jv soccer practice, the Teen Queen practicing catching and throwing for Varsity softball, and the boy playing in a jv hockey game.  Our nights are busy after work for sure!

The cabin is being set up for the summer to live in, the awning is up on the house for some outdoor dinners, morning coffee when not sleeping in the cabin, and rainy days when we play board games under it.


This robins nest is in the eave of the cabin.  We have to leave it as it contains these cute little eggs and a hopeful robin mommy!

And with the nicer weather comes our weekend bonfires to end the nights.  This was the “big one” as we burned up all the branches from around the yard and a few pallets.

And that’s part of the week in review!  Tonight is the first Varsity softball game…Go Lady Eagles!!!


Off to Canada

I will be in Vaughn/North York Canada for the boys hockey tournament leaving today for the weekend!  Have a great Fall weekend!!


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Mom and Tween Queen Afternoon


Today was an awesome day to spend with just mommy and daughter.

We headed to downtown Buffalo Canalside and ate lunch in the First Niagara Center Lexus Club before the Buffalo Sabres game.  We had a Buffalo Chicken Flatbread Pizza.  Of course she had to have Dippin Dots ice cream during the game.


We did a little shopping, watched the Sabres warm up, and enjoyed the game. Love being able to have a little one on one time!

Busy Saturday


Saturday was a busy day in this household.  After early morning feeding and barn chores we kicked off the day at 7:30 a.m.  This weekend was a huge tournament in Buffalo, NY for hockey.  Teams came in from all across the US, Canada and even a team from Moscow.  The boys team played in the tournament and were featured in our local paper.  Chance is the boy on the bench holding the white bladed stick waiting for his shift on the ice.

2015 varsity team

The hockey game was followed by an 11:30 basketball game for the tween queen.  The team did awesome and won their game and even posed nicely for a team picture!


After the game we decided to hit a local antique shop and look for some goodies.  There really were some unique items at this shop such as this sombrero.


A quick stop for a late lunch on the way home and the kids were off to play outside.


After some fun snow wars it was time for some snowmobiling and sledding.


And then grandma stayed with the kids so mom and dad could enjoy an evening ride around half of the Island.

Isn’t it winter???


This is our ice rink behind our horse pastures.  This rink should be frozen and we should be skating on it!!  I mean it is December in Buffalo, NY right????


Apparently Mother Nature has other plans this year or is feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

This is what the ice rink should look like


Maybe this will serve as a boost to Mother Nature to get her butt in gear!!!!  We are ready for winter 🙂



Today is a fun filled day with the boys hockey game and the tween has a football game to cheer at.  But after barn chores  I am off for a walk to try and make something I wear feel loose!!  Happy Sunday 🙂



Tonight is the first game of a long 5 months of hockey season for the boy of the house.  This picture was from last season and he has changed his number to #28 this year in honor of one of his favorite Buffalo Sabres players, Girgensons!!!

Let’s go Blades!!!!

Take me out to the ball games!!


Buffalo Bisons 2nd last home game of the season

The past few days have been all about ball games as in Baseball and Football!!  Thursday we met friends and went to the 2nd last game of the season for our local Buffalo Bisons team.  It was a lot of fun.

bisons5 bisons4 bisons3 bisons2 bisons1 bisons

And today the tween had to cheer for our local junior football team, Grand Island Jr. Vikings

photo 2-1 photo

And while she was cheering the boy and man of the house went to our NFL football teams pre-season game, The Buffalo Bills!!

photo 1-1

So lucky to be able to take in all these great games.  We are a sports family and love this time of year!!  Next month HOCKEY!!  Can’t wait!!