Homemade Lipstick


I needed some summer colored lipstick so the Teen Queen whipped me up a batch of a color crayon I picked out.  She was babysitting and the purple is the color the little girl picked out to make for her mom 🙂

You can see how we make our lipstick on my facebook page here:  ChasenChanceRanch Lipstick


We took a rare family trip to Cleveland this weekend for 4 hockey games for the boy.  I say “rare” because it’s not very often we take these trips as a family as one of us will stay home to care for the animals especially in the winter when everything is more work because of the cold and snow.  We were only gone for 1 night.

IMG_1741 IMG_1743

I took these pictures of the things I had packed for an overnight stay and the “baggage” the tween queen packed.  She had more packed for one night then the rest of the family combined.  This picture does not include her purse, blanket, pillow and 2 favorite stuffed animals.

I remember those days being a teen and into my 20’s and early 30’s thinking I needed all of my “stuff”, yearning for more stuff that others had, and always thinking this stuff is good, but I need a few more things for my “stuff” collection to be complete.

Funny how as you get older the needs and desires for more stuff starts to fade away.  The stuff I need now does not store in bags or drawers.  My stuff consists of my family, clothing, and a good book.

I no longer yearn for better stuff.  I am content with the stuff I have.  I think I am growing up 🙂

Love this!!


This is something I printed, framed and hung in my daughters room as a daily reminder happiness is a choice and she is responsible for how she feels no matter what the world throws at her!!!  I also made one to hang in my sons room. 

Farm girl + Pageant girl = Confidence

chase 4 wheeler gardeningprincess

Pageants are a hot topic these days with parents…some people love them while others think they are horrible and damaging.  But not all pageants are what you see on TV.  I can only share our experience with them and the positives they have highlighted for my daughter.

I was raised on a small farm….we live the small farm life so when my daughter told me she wanted to try a pageant a few years ago I could not grasp the idea in my head.  WHY???  What purpose is this for.  She was 8 and her response was, I want to wear beautiful dresses and get a crown like the girl on the Disney show.  So that explained how she knew what one was.  It was on an iCarly episode.

This was a child who still hid behind me shyly when people spoke to her.  She was a “wall flower” in a group opting to stay in the shadows rather than be in the spotlight.  Her Pre-K teacher told us she was not social in groups rather opting to play with one child or by herself.  For this reason we sent our children to a private Catholic school as the smaller environment was a better choice for her. Now she thinks she can get on a stage in front of people?? What would this do to her self esteem if she didn’t win a crown? How much is this going to cost us? How do you even find pageants?  Maybe if I ignore this it will go away.  But over the next 5 months it did not,  She kept asking and asking to find one.

I did a google search, was led to a facebook page, was connected with a pageant system 8 hours from us and directed to a contact in our local area who held pageants.  My first question was how does a beauty pageant work?  The answer was brilliant…these are not beauty pageants, these are confidence building workshops.  HUH????

The woman explained to me every child receives a crown, every child has to speak and introduce themselves, every child makes friends, every child cheers for the other children, parents are expected to cheer for every child.  Yes, there are titles and higher titles but this system acknowledges every child for their participation and they are given a sheet from the judges highlighting their outstanding qualities with a few suggestions to move up in the next pageant.  There is no makeup, fake anything, or thousand dollar dresses.   This is your child getting on the stage in a store bought dress, speaking, being asked a question, modeling their attire and showing their confidence.  There is even a talent entry to showcase their talent if they so choose.

Fast forward 3 years and approximately 12 pageants completed (the last one was this past Saturday, April 5th). My daughters room is filled with all different style crowns, trophies, prizes and sashes. (this is less than 1/2 of what she has not including the slip & slide toy, stuffed animals, oversized pillows, karaoke machine and many other prizes).

Image Mini Supreme 2014 winnings

Yesterday my daughter was awarded best oral presentation for her class.  She is confident speaking in public, reading at a Mass, and even singing in a crowded mall a solo Christmas performance.  This is all due to her pageant experience.  Quite a few of her friends from school now participate in the pageants with us and it’s so heartwarming to hear them yell for each other and hug after a pageant congratulating eachother.  We then head home where she changes into her barn clothes and heads out to play in the mud.

Image personal best graduation

Chase has met many girls from all over our area as well as Canada.  She is a pen-pal with a girl she met in February who lives 4 hours north of us in Canada.  They are looking forward to seeing eachother in May at their next pageant.

For my daughter this has been a truly positive experience.  After a few pageants teachers at school and friends commented on how “out of her shell” she had become.  She strives to be better at each pageant and really loves to cheer for her friends.  She has so much more confidence now than she did.  She is center for her schools basketball team, joined the softball team this year, has performed solo’s for her talent at pageants, for Christmas concerts in nursing homes and for fundraisers for the Make A Wish Foundation.  She does around 3 pageants a year and looks forward to them.

I chose this topic due to someone asking me to do something this past Saturday.  When I said I could not as my daughter was in a pageant, this persons face said it all before she stated  “how degrading..that’s horrible to put your child in a pageant”.   I just laughed and said it’s been a true blessing for my child!!



Making lip balm


I think all parents with girls ages 7 and up know what an EOS is.  My daughter has hounded me to buy them in collection form like they are a “beanie” baby item.  Have to have them all.  Of course I have refused and told her she can earn money to buy one doing extra chores which of course she did as “all the girls have them” so she needed this desperately. 

I knew if I googled it we could find how to make your own egg shaped balm and that is what we did this morning while waiting for the sun to warm up are area so we could head outdoors. My 11 year old did everything herself with me watching over her:

Image Image

assembled the ingredients for different flavors and had a hard time opening our coconut oil hence her face

Image Image

put all the ingredients in the glass jar and put in hot water on burner to melt

Image Image

fill about 1/2 the “bottom” of the egg with tinfoil so the lip balm will sit on top of it as you can’t spread it on your lips if it’s sunk in the egg.  We glued our tinfoil to the egg on the bottom with E6000 glue.  Fill your scoop with the hot wax and let set (we used a medium size melon scoop) but you can use the bottom of another egg if you don’t have one.

Image Image

Pour a little of the hot “wax/balm” on top of the tinfoil and let set..  Once both pieces are set (we waited a 1/2 hour) pop the top out of the melon scoop and add a little of the hot balm on top of the tinfoil end and secure them together.  Let set for 1/2 hour in fridge before using.

Image Image

We made vanilla coconut flavor and coconut orange for her bff of course.

Image Image

Here is a list of what we used:

small size plastic Easter egg

glass jar

2 teaspoons olive oil

1 teaspoon shea butter

2 teaspoons beeswax (we bought the beeswax beads)

1/2 teaspoon flavored extract (you can use more if you want a stronger flavor) (if only using one flavor use one teaspoon)

1/2 teaspoon second flavor extract if mixing

1 teaspoon coconut oil

half teaspoon petroleum jelly (vaseline)

scoop or egg bottoms for shaping (if using the egg bottom you can line it with plastic wrap to get it out easier after it sets)

Mix the ingredients in the glass jar and glue the tinfoil into the bottom part of the Easter egg

put it in the water on the burner to melt

fill the scoop or egg bottom with the melted balm

pour a little on top of the tinfoil also as a base for the formed scooped balm to sit atop of when set

wait at least 1/2 hour and pop the set balm out

pour a little of the hot balm on top of the bottom tinfoil egg and secure your formed top on it pressing down slightly to secure

Let set in the refrigerator for at least 1/2 hour before using.  It’s better if you can let it set longer maybe even overnight

There are many youtube videos showcasing others making this with all different ingredients and versions.  We just happened to have most of the ingredients as we make a homemade body scrub with all natural ingredients also

Phew…now she can stop hounding me!!!