The Mystery…..


The evidence above… empty jar of something I have canned…..

The investigation begins as all culprits are in bed when I enter the house from the nightly barn chores…..

First…what did the suspect sneak up from the pantry to eat?

After further investigation (the sniff test) it appears to be some sweet summer peaches which have been devoured!

There are 3 to be pondered….the man of the house, the tween, and the boy

The man of the house would likely never take the time to go into the basement pantry to fetch himself a snack.  Even if he did, by some weird twist of fate, he would never finish off the jar….X he’s off the list

We are down to 2

Let’s see….the boy asked me after school if we were close to winter (today was unseasonably warm)…I say yes

Suspicion arises…was he asking as he knows we “can” special items for the winter???  Could it be the cute cuddly boy who snuck into the basement to grab himself a sweet summer treat??

But wait!!….if memory serves me correctly, when he wanted a new jar of grape jelly we made the other day, he had no idea how to open the top.  Could he have observed me so closely from his perch on the couch that day opening the jar that he now knows how to do it?

keep him on the list

Next up the tween….she came home early from school with a sore throat and not feeling well.  However, she ate many frozen orange juice ice cubes and some soup for dinner.  She was milling about bossing her brother around and complaining she wanted me to bake as I have been neglecting them on their homemade desserts when I was pushing them to get ready for bed before I went to the barn.

The suspicion deepens…she knows how to open the jars, she helped me can them and was eating them hot from the syrup.

BUT…..she would NEVER even at the age of 12, go into the basement alone at night.  This child has a certain fear of the dark and will not go upstairs to her room or into the basement which is an entertainment area with wet bar and bathroom in front and storage area in the back, by herself.

Mystery Solved….the tween coerced the boy into entering the basement with her in promise of a delectable summer sweetened treat before bed.  The final piece of evidence was their favorite bowls in the sink with spoons in them, both empty and pleasantly giving off the aroma of ripe peaches!

NEVER underestimate the power of a mother!!


My Home at the age of 12

This is in reply to Writing 101: Size Matters writing challenge.

The home I live in now is the same home I lived in at age 12.  We moved to this home in 1972 when I was 6.  It was a dream home for our family.  It was your typical old farmhouse with land to build your homesteading dream.  The original structure of our home was first listed in the Holland Register in New York in 1838.  This home is located on an island between Buffalo and Niagara Falls, NY.  Our island is 26 miles around.  The only way on and off are via bridges.


view of Grand Island


Original structure with back addition and front porch addition

All of my memories include this house.  Family, Holidays, traditions, gardening, farm animals, learning to ride a horse, falling off a horse, friends, first boyfriend, first love, miles of trails through the woods, open meadows filled with beautiful flowers, and a small creek running through.  It was/is our own “Little House on the Prairie”.

My parents decided to sell and move to Florida in 1992.  I sold my house to move into this house to fix up to sell.  I met someone (the man of the house now) and we decided to purchase it and raise our family here.  We have updated the house quite a bit starting with the foundation and the additions.

support hole beams

The house was put on support beams and a new foundation was poured to replace the original cellar which was made of dirt.  It now holds our family room, extra bathroom and shower, and storage area.

side2 front2 front side

Gardens were added, lots were cleared for a bigger lawn, 34 acres purchased and a porch to relax all were added.

The inside has been completely updated with keeping the character and country feel of the home.




sons wall


sons ceiling


tweens room

faux painting

faux paint to cover blemishes


our house mural on kitchen wall

new windows

new windows

kitchen into livingroom

new kitchen

kitchen color 107

kitchen finished

We have added a new barn, lots of animals, a pond and camping area you can see in my post here:  Camp out

This house and land were a dream for my parents.  It was a house and we made it a home.  My father’s ashes are buried on this land.  Every day I wake up and head outside still feeling like that excited 6 year old child moving into a farm house.

My dream is to keep this little country paradise in our family for the next generation and generations to come 🙂


The story of a Pumpkin


This is the story of one sad, lonely pumpkin.

seeds 5-9

15 Pumpkin plants were planted by seed.

coming up 5-23

They were nourished and cared for when they started to sprout

tractor1 newspaper

Their permanent home was well looked after and filled with organic soil to encourage their growth to maturity

corn celery cukes bags

They were lovingly planted in the soil with all of their sproutlet friends

photo 2-2 photo 1-2 photo 1-1 photo 4-2

And everything was flourishing while the beautiful pumpkin vines were spreading their wings and taking over their corner of the garden.


And a baby was born finally

photo 2-1

And he started to grow bigger.  Everyday yearning for a pumpkin sibling to join him.


But that was not to be and out of 15 plants this is our only sad, lonely pumpkin!!



A very humbled Thank you!!


A few weeks back I received a wonderful compliment from a fellow blogger, The Moldy Daisy.  She was kind enough to nominate me for a Leibster award!

If you haven’t heard of the Leibster award before now, it’s designed to make people aware of different blogs and bloggers by having each recipient pay the honor forward to eleven other blogs. To make this work, there are a few conditions of acceptance:

•Post the award on your blog
•Thank the blogger who presented the award to you and link back to their blog.  For me it was The Moldy Daisy who has a wonderful blog worth checking out!!
•Answer the 11 questions given to you by the person that nominated you
•Nominate 11 bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers
•Create 11 questions for your nominees to answer
•Notify your nominees by posting your nomination on their blog.

So again, thank you so much to The Moldy Daisy and here are the answers to her 11 questions for me followed by the 11 blogs I would like to nominate as I follow them and enjoy each one!!

Do you speak another language?  Sadly no I do not

What is your favorite type of fruit pie?  Cherry all the way!!!

Have you ever had to lie to everyone about how you felt/ were doing? Yes. I am a very private person when it comes to grief or struggles and would rather lie than discuss or share with anyone. 

What occupations did you want to be when you were a kid?  A bank teller

What’s the first thing you notice about a person?  Their eyes which tell their story.  I have a knack for reading people quickly through their eyes.

What is the last beverage you’ve had? Hot Green Tea

Would you ever want to swim with sharks?  No because I am a germaphobe and would think about all the gross stuff in the water!!

Do you ever write in pencil anymore?  All the time.  I love pencils!!  If I have to use a pen, I only use blue ink.  One of my weird quirks

What was your first concert?  Bay City Rollers

Have you ever cried from happiness?  Not that I can recall

If you’re not currently, would you ever consider getting married?  This is a very intense question for me.  I was raised Catholic and raise my children in the Catholic faith and they attend a Catholic school.  I am 48 years old and have not been nor have the desire to be married.  Marriage is not sacred any longer.  Back when it meant something (which was actually before my generation) I loved the devotion and dedication of marriage.  Today it can be entered into easily without much thought and ends just as easily.  It’s become a circus and there is nothing sacred about it any longer. However if it ever became an issue for my children, maybe I would change my mind.  Right now the man of the house and our children live a life of faith, love, togetherness and family and that’s what’s important to me.

The eleven blogs I chose in random order and so worth reading over are:  Easy Being Mom, Of Kids and Cows, Mucking Moms, Absolutely Unperfect, Pebble Skies, Gourmet Magic with the Microwave, Small Things Good, Food Passion and Love, American Photo Blog, Too Many ApplesFrom the Root Up

The 11 questions for my blogger friends listed above are:

  1. If you could visit any place in the world, where would it be?
  2. If you could change one thing about your life right now what would it be?
  3. Who is your favorite actor/actress and why?
  4. If you could only have 2 foods for a month which would they be?
  5. What electronic appliance could you not live without?
  6. Name one thing most people don’t know about you
  7. What is your favorite season and why?
  8. If you could meet one singer who would it be?
  9. What is the last food you ate?
  10. Who is your favorite historical person?
  11. Country living or city life?

So True!!!


It seems like common sense to understand this, however I have found over and over again, it’s not for most people.  I have had to tell employees, friends, family, and my children this.  If you want to complain about how something is, bring a solution to the table!!!

You can complain for the rest of your life unless you figure out ways to change things when needed.


Shout Out Award

shout out award

Thanks so much Cristi G.  (Easy Being Mom) for the Shout Out Award.  I am happy you like my blog!!

Cristi’s blog is funny, insightful and a fun reminder of what it’s like having young children and starting out the next phase of life.

This award was created by Amanda (From One Crazy Life To Another) and is a wonderful way to acknowledge other bloggers whose work we enjoy and want to bring attention to so thank you Amanda.

I started my blog with the hopes of inspiring others to find a balance between the pioneering ways of our history and the world we currently live in.  Simplicity is key in my life and I try to keep that same simplicity with my blog sharing easy home cooked meals, gardening, farming and raising children.  Faith, family and fun are my three F words.

I have found so many wonderful blogs it’s hard to narrow down a few to pass this award on to but have chosen the blogs below for the award:

1)  Vittle Monster  His blog is all about food from different restaurants as well as a picture of the scenery of the area he is visiting.  He drew me in with his “cherpumple”  recipe and I look forward to his daily posts and pictures.

2)  Serious Thoughts Taken Not So Seriously   Kate’s blog is faith based and has wonderful examples and ideas of how to continue to grow in your faith as well as growing as a person.  She keeps the posts short and simple while driving home the main idea of the post.

3)  Of Kids and Cows  I love this blog because it cover’s the daily life of a generational dairy (cow) farming family living in our modern world and raising 3 small children.  Fun posts, great pictures and awesome recipes!!

4)  Horses Sweat, Ladies Perspire  This is a Facebook blog and one worth liking if you are on Facebook.  Her posts, stories, recipes and tales of the old south are full of history.  She keeps her page full of interesting daily posts.  I have made many of her recipes and thoroughly enjoy reading the stories passed down from generation to generation on her blog.

There are so many others I could keep going but hopefully you will see them on my site under blogs I follow and check some of the others out.






Going along with the drama post from yesterday this was something in 6th grade my mother said to me.  I had switched schools to a small Catholic school where most of the kids had been together since Kindergarten.  I was the “outsider” trying to fit in.  Of course the “click” of girls did not accept me.  I have a very strong personality so would never let them know it was hurtful but at home would express my dislike of the school to my parents and cry.  That is when my mother said to me “Happiness is your best revenge. It will make them think twice when they see they are not getting to you”. 

Two weeks after joining the school and acting like it was the best thing going (while cursing it out privately at home to my siblings) the “click” started losing it’s power and the girls started befriending me leaving the one “ring leader” to try and be my friend.  To this day she still tries (sending me facebook friend requests which I deny every time lol).  Happiness was my best revenge.  It also taught me happiness is a choice and when life throws you a curve you can either choose to be happy or choose to let it get to you. 

I hope whatever is thrown at you, happiness is your choice!!

Horses Sweat, Ladies Perspire

It’s no secret I am a huge fan of the pioneering days and days where women spent many hours in their home sewing, cooking, cleaning, and taking care of their family.  I am in awe of how the world was “back in the old’n days”.

I came across this Facebook page a few months ago ( ) and it fits right into my world.  I love seeing her wonderful posts throughout the day, reading the historical stories she posts and the delicious recipes from her mother and grandmother.  She has a way of sharing her history that draws the reader in and you can’t wait for the next story.  I have made a few of her recipes (Lemon pie being my favorite) and it’s a great feeling knowing I am making it the way it was made so long ago.

I am sharing the link with you in hopes you will visit the page and find it as wonderful as I do.


Old Horsewoman


When I Am An Old Horsewoman
I shall wear turquoise and diamonds,
And a straw hat that doesn’t suit me
And I shall spend my social security on
white wine and carrots,
And sit in my alleyway of my barn
And listen to my horses breathe.

I will sneak out in the middle of a summer night
And ride the old bay gelding,
Across the moonstruck meadow
If my old bones will allow
And when people come to call, I will smile and nod
As I walk past the gardens to the barn
and show instead the flowers growing
inside stalls fresh-lined with straw.

I will shovel and sweat and wear hay in my hair
as if it were a jewel
And I will be an embarrassment to ALL
Who will not yet have found the peace in being free
to have a horse as a best friend
A friend who waits at midnight hour
With muzzle and nicker and patient eyes
For the kind of woman I will be
When I am old.

-Author Patty Barnhart