Welcome to simplicity in a fast paced world

Welcome to my world!!  With my posts I hope to inspire you to get cooking in your kitchen and enjoy every minute of it 🙂 I will share our “pioneer lifestyle” in the new world way and invite you onto our small farm while sharing tips from our gardens, fruit trees and animals.  You really can live “like the good ole days” while enjoying the present world and it’s conveniences!!

My posts will not be pages long.  They will be short and to the point.  My cooking is “Real World” cooking as my friends so nicely named it.  It’s food you have on hand and while it may not be gourmet or exotic, it’s homemade, delicious and SIMPLE.


IMG_1436 IMG_1351 Image IMG_1069 IMG_3948 (2)IMG_3911 (2)IMG_3826 (2)

Visit often for meal solutions!!  I look forward to creating and sharing with you!!  Tina


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