Oh my this is a yummy plate of goodness.  This is a great way to invite a child to try a vegetable.  Let them build their own kabob and they will want to try what they created.

Weekends are always a busy time and especially at this time of year with weddings, showers, graduations, end of the school things and so on.  Kabobs are such a quick meal and you can have the kids build them while you make whatever else you need for dinner.  Grilling is quick and in a half hour you can have a great (fast) family dinner.

phase1 phase2phase3kabobs2

I love having chicken and beef kabobs.  It’s like a little buffet!!  I marinate the meat in store bought Italian dressing, and cut some colored peppers, red onion and pineapple.  You can add so many other veggies or fruits.  Each time our kabobs are different so you never tire of them!!

With this meal I made jasmine rice cooked in homemade chicken stock seasoned with a little garlic powder and pepper.  Great meal

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