My heart and soul horse

This is Bailey (registered name Mason D. Brown).  He was the first horse I bought after my horse of 19 years had to be put down at the very old age of 36.   I swore I would never get another horse after Sugar because it was so hard to let him go.   But as fate would have it, Bailey stole my heart and I had to have him.

It’s been 13 wonderful years!!  I have added 2 more to the herd over the years but I am forever thankful to Bailey for bringing me back into the horse world.

Heading out to feed them all now 🙂

1955 Prestige Silverware Set

Prestige 1955

Today we had lunch with the man of the houses parents.  We then stopped at their house to pick up a silverware set his mother purchased before her graduation day from High School in 1955!!!

Every year “grandma Ruth” (the man’s mother) always asks us for Christmas gift ideas.  It was hard for her at first to understand my requests at Christmas.  I am a very practical person.  Sure, I love the finer things, but when someone is willing to spend money on me, I will choose something practical that I want and that I would love to save the money on buying for myself.  Some things I have requested are:  muck boots, black dress socks, leather driving gloves, a toaster and last year I asked for a toolbox with a few tools and different size nails I could use in my barn.  The first few years she would beg me to pick something different and now 16 years later, I think she knows me well enough to realize these are “gifts” to me.  Awesome gifts!!

So when she asked me the other day what I would like I was quick to tell her “silverware”.  Our set is now missing many things (I am sure the kids removed them at some point to dig outside or to take fishing in the creek).  I would like to have service for 8 again on all pieces.  Ruth then said to me, “you know I have a set I purchased before graduation from high school sitting in the basement” and before she could finish I said YES!!


You see these are not just silverware pieces.  These are special pieces she purchased as a young girl to take into her future with whoever her husband to be was and for the family she was certain to have.  These pieces were hope of a wonderful life and future.  These pieces were part of the mans childhood.  Through the years she has kept this set perfect.  This set means more to me than she will probably ever know.


The box has been carefully stored through the many years only making an appearance at a few very special family gatherings.  In my 16 years, I had never seen them.  Yet today opening the beautiful box they were delivered in so many years ago, these pieces are in perfect condition.


The certificate of registration of this hand picked set is in the box.  All the original paperwork and receipts are gently folded inside.

IMG_0739 silver

The silver etiquette book with complete instructions and pictures for the use and care of the silver is included laying gently on top.


There are many different serving pieces included.

I can hardly wait to use these at Thanksgiving when Ruth will be here to enjoy the future she chose and purchased so many years ago.  I will cherish this set and we will use it often with the same hope Ruth had for it so long ago.  I will save the paperwork and pass this set onto my children who I can only hope will cherish it as much as I do.



A True Country Wedding

photo 2

We had a true country wedding yesterday for the niece of the man of the house.  I know it sounds cliche’ but this is a couple who truly are perfect together.  Lacy looked stunning in her dress and her husband, Jess, was as handsome as could be.

They put this together at Lacy’s parents house in their barn.  It was like a scene out of a magazine and I would love to share some of the beautiful touches they had.

photo 2-1 photo 3-1

Introducing as a married couple for the first time.  The church was a small country church full of charm.  I wish I had taken a picture of the church to show you it was once a beautiful, small house of worship. Due to budget cuts it is only used now for weddings and funerals.

photo 1-1

After the reception we headed over to the man’s sister’s house and into the barn/tent reception area.  The couple in the picture is my beautiful step daughter and her boyfriend.

photo 5

This barn housed horses for the past 8 years.  The last horse just moved out 7 days ago.  But you would never have believe it was anything other than a reception hall!!

photo 4

Even the restrooms had a country touch.  The insides were beautifully done in cherry wood with lovely decorations all around.

photo 3 photo 2

Once inside the barn this was the first display to greet you.

photo 1 photo 5-1

Mr and Mrs. followed just behind with a welcoming sitting area.  The tic-tac-toe game was set up also with hay bales covered in fabric with decorative string inviting you to sit and have a quick game or ten I think I played with the boy!!

photo 4-1

Names and seating numbers were placed in decorative shutters directing guests to their tables.

photo 3-2

Just outside the back of the barn you were welcomed into a beautiful area for dining, drinks, and dancing.

photo 2-2

The centerpieces were stunning with the flowers and a cowbell for ringing and old jars.  Each table was dressed in china dishes that did not match.  They were dishes collected from family members and friends.  Each plate held a special connection to the bride and groom!!

photo 1-2

The cake and cupcake display was fabulous and when we were invited to try them each one we tried was more delicious than the one before.  There were many different flavors such as cookie dough, white cloud, lemonade, red rosies to name a few.

photo 1-3 photo 3-4

Grandma and the kids were excited to get the celebration underway. And the boy was busy keeping us all entertained with his card tricks.

photo 4-2 photo 3-3

Our beautiful family.

photo 4-3 photo 1-4

Proud grandparents and cousins

photo 4-4 photo 3-5

The tables were even prettier if that’s possible in the dark evening night.  They were all aglow

photo 1-5

And after a wonderful day and evening you were guided out the long driveway by candlelight lining the way to the road.

It could not have been a more special celebration for two very special people to start their lives together.  Congratulations to Lacy and Jess and many happy blessings for a love filled life.





Father’s Day Fun

niagara falls

This is Niagara Falls and the white mist in the distance is actually the Falls.  Today was a day of relaxation and fun after the man of the house returned from an early morning being called in to work.  Started with the kids giving their dad their gifts and then we headed out for a ride around the Island and capped it off with a cookout and our carrot cake.

The tween decided she wanted to make their dad his gift so yesterday they spent the entire day cutting, painting and making a putting green complete with a #1 Dad flag for the hole.

Here are some pictures from our adventures of the day!!

putting hole2

waiting for dad to get home

putting hole

first putt of the day

niagara falls bridge

Bridge on the other side of the Island taking you to Niagara Falls, NY

light reflections

I love the light reflection in the Niagara River

fathers day

giving Dad his gifts


First tube ride ever for the 12 year old!!

chase 2

coming in after a fun ride

I am exhausted and ready for bed!!  Another day of blessings!!

True Friends

horse eyes

Disco and Mysty

It is said it’s always easier to workout with a friend.  Friends help each other stay motivated and make the time pass faster.   I believe my horses feel the same way.  While I know they look forward to their “alone” time with their mom (yes, I truly believe that!!), I also know they like riding in a “herd”.

Horses are herd animals and that explains why I have to have 3 not just one.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!!

Jackie riding  Bailey!!  Couldn’t leave him out of the post


Sunset Fishing and Friends


Chase at the end of our street (that is Canada in the distance)

The man of the house had to take a quick overnight trip out of town tonight for work leaving me to handle daughters voice lessons, dinner, homework, studying, and nightly animal chores/stall cleaning.  My neighbor stepped in and took the kids on their bikes to the end of our street so they could fish and hang out in the Niagara River.  This is a little over a mile from our ranch.


Chase and neighbor Parker


Parker helping bait Chase’s pole

These pictures are a reminder of what young friendship is all about and a reminder of how blessed we are to live where we live 🙂