Gardening-starting from seed


taken this morning 5-23


planted 5-9-14

I love to start most of my plants by seed.  Actually this year the only things I bought were some strawberry plants and 3 orange pepper plants.  I start them in little containers as above and try to start certain things earlier than others.  Brussel Sprouts and pumpkins are a must to start early as they take much longer to grow and corn.  I will continue to let those grow and then I will plant some seeds right in the garden (when it’s dry enough) so the plantings are staggered and maturing at different times. I like to take my time when I get a good crop and can as much as possible.  There’s so much to do once harvesting starts and it makes it much easier when it’s staggered.

It’s also important to stagger your plantings or you will get a huge harvest all at one time.  No one can use and store 15 heads of lettuce at a time.  So I usually plant 6 seeds of lettuce (2 romaine, 2 buttercrisp, 2 boston) to start and then when those are almost to the point of harvesting I will usually start 3 of the same seeds as above and continue the process so we are eating fresh lettuce all summer and feeding our rabbits, goats, and chickens as well.

You can see I planted the seeds above on the 9th of May.  Today on the 23rd (14 days later) most of the plants are well started and tomorrow I may be knee deep in mud but I will be getting my newspapers spread and covered for weed control (cheap and extremely effective) and getting the seeds started of more corn, pumpkins, radishes, kale, beans, cucumbers and peas.  My carrots are being grown in containers as well as my potatoes. They are nicely started also.

It’s busy work but so satisfying knowing we are eating what we worked for!!

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