Relaxing the Mind

photo 2-8

Yesterday was a day I needed a little “me” time and let my mind relax.  So I headed out with our dog and her BFF dog friend from next door for an early evening walk.

I love the woods.  I can walk in our woods every day and wander on to neighboring trails and always find something different or interesting.  It truly does soothe the soul.

Here are some of the interesting finds I happened upon yesterday.

photo 1-8

This is a make shift bridge we have at the edge of our property over the creek.  In a month this bridge will be under water and not usable until next summer as the creek will fill with rain/snow.

photo 4-3 photo 5-3

Looking up in the hardwoods you see nothing but nature.  I love how the sky peeks in.

photo 3-4

I cut off the trail and picked through an area I don’t normally walk on a neighbors property and found this make shift hunting stand.

photo 2-7

Another neighbor has a picnic table set up on the brim of the creek on his property.


And after an hour workout and journey, all was right in the world again 🙂

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