Garbage Find


I love old windows!!  I know weird right????  But I can’t help it.  Look at that window…there’s a history behind it and I only wish it could talk and tell me it’s tale and all it’s seen.  (I know it’s hung upside down but I like it that way)!!

This window was in the garbage down the street.  My heart almost skipped a beat when I saw it and I jammed on my breaks so hard I almost flew threw the windshield.  WHAT???? WHO WOULD THROW THIS OUT!!!!  It was calling me to take it and now I get to look at it everyday proudly displayed on our garage!!  The pots and pans were free at a garage sale last summer.  I had plants in them (see here) but decided to spray paint them to add another dimension to the wall.

Waste not want not and I love my new display!!

2 thoughts on “Garbage Find

  1. Wow that looks amazing, what a fantastic idea. I think the saucepans are brilliant as well, I prefer them painted than as planters but both looked good 🙂

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